Benefits Of Online Reputation Management

A business must have an online presence to remain competitive.  In order to reach a much greater audience and convert those [clicks]/[hits] to viable customers a business must actively manage the quality and deployment of their business information.

Simply having a website representing your business is not a guarantee that customers will locate your business information.  There must be proactive efforts to ensure that you are found on the web by consumers.

The key is to:

  1. Build greater online visibility
  2. Create exhaustive web presence
  3. Stay up to date

True management requires that a business keep a finger on the pulse of this new virtual real estate.  Tracking online visibility/web presence can only be successfully achieved with purposeful reputation management.

Effective online reputation management will:

  1. Maximize online visibility
  2. Improve web presence
  3. Rank strategic and relevant sites

Web Presence and Reputation Management

There are several strategies for increasing the likelihood that consumers will find information about you, a highly effective tool is reputation management.

Common search procedures begin with consumers searching for information about services in their local areas.  A customer looking for a “car dealer,” a “restaurant,” or a “dentist” will go to Google or Bing and search in the area most relevant to his interests: his local town.

It is important to remember that most customers looking for products or services will not have a business website address (URL).  They go to the Internet to find that information in search results.

Their search will return the categorically relevant (local car dealers, local restaurants, local dentists) links pointing straight to the indexes of online directories (an example:,, etc.)
As a business, if your information is not presented in those search results, or if your information is present but outdated or incorrect….  You’re essentially out of the runnings!

The goal for any business is to provide directory sites with the best information possible in the form of listings/profiles.  On the web, you are in direct competition with exceptionally well designed (SEO’ed) websites optimized to appear on the list.

In order to touch the consumers, and increase rankings in search results, your information must be present on those online directories where your customers are most likely to search.  To do this, you must post or “submit” your business details to the very domains that are relevant to your consumers.  It is with online directories, who categorize your listing and increase relevance of your business information in the search results, that you will see improvements on search engines.

Proliferating your listings in online domains boosts your Online Visibility or Web Presence better connecting you with consumers and bringing business to your door.  As you successfully expand your virtual real estate, your customer will now be able to find your information on the web.

Now you must understand that by expanding your web presence, you have also provided platforms for your customers to express themselves and evaluate your business.  These evaluations are your Ratings and Reviews.
It is essential that you keep in touch with what is said about you.  You can enjoy the positive appraisal of your work and address detrimental comments as they arise.  This, is the world of Online Reputation.

To discover what customers are saying about you on the internet and where prospects are searching for businesses in your industry. Claim your free online reputation management report and score.

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Claude W. Bailey, III is the founder and CEO of Weston Bailey, LLC, a digital marketing agency that helps entrepreneurs capture, connect, and close new customers. His goal is to consult small business owners how to succeed by understanding, navigating, and gaining a strategic advantage by automating the marketing process. Claude earned a Master’s degree from the University of Michigan and a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Cincinnati. He holds two U.S. Patents in the automotive industry. He has achieved Amazon Best Selling status for his book Dental Marketing.

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