Does My Website Meet SEO Design Best Practices?

In this video you will learn the seven things you must have on your website to start getting leads.

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A good website gets visitors to take the next step in the decision  making process. Which is either to call, visit your location, or request more information that will help the consumer in the decision making process.

In order to make this happen, your website should have the following content pages.

  • Home Page

    Copy should include the benefit you provide.

    Video is optional, but if you do have one, keep it between 90 to 120 seconds. Studies have shown a 30% increase in conversions when a visitor can watch a video of someone from the business on the home page.

  • Product / Service Page

    This page should include:

    • Warranty Information (if applicable)
    • Price
    • Brief description of product or service
    • Financing Options (if applicable)
    • Discounts
  • About Us Page

    Share your story and how the prospect will benefit from working with you.

  • Contact Us Page

    The contact page should include:

    • Phone number
    • Contact Form
    • Map to your business
  • Blog

    A blog is good method to keep visitors and search engines coming back to your website. Valuable relevant content is rewarded by both prospects and search engines.

    How often are you posting valuable content to your blog? Google has said emphatically that they’re going to give stronger credit to resources that are both relevant and current to the user. New content ages quickly, and very often newer info is far more useful to a person searching. With the in mind, there his a minimum amount of blog posts you should post each week.

    • You should post content on your blog at least once per week.
    • Each blog post should have 250 – 800 words.
    • Include a video as well.
  • Phone Number

    It is important to include your phone number in the top-right hand corner of every page.

  • Call To Action

    There should always be a call to action listed on every page. It could be as simple as call this number for an appointment. Call to action items that work well are:

    • Download This How-To-Guide
    • Start Your Free Trial
    • Download This Coupon