Top 10 Cities Where People Are Searching For A Dentist

If you are an owner of a dental practice?

Are you having a hard time getting a consistent stream of new leads?

If yes, you have a dental marketing advantage if your practice is located in one of the ten cities where people are actively searching for a dental practice on the Internet.

The ten top cities per Google Trends data are:
1) Philadelphia
2) Yonkers
3) Lousiville
4) Houston
5) Phoenix
6) New York
7) Columbus
8) Los Angeles
9) Plano
10) Indianapolis

To take advantage of the Internet search traffic, we recommend you build a substantial Internet presence by doing the following seven things:

1) Have a mobile-friendly website
2) Have the right content on your website
3) Host your website on a secure network
4) Have your website load within 3 seconds
5) Have your website indexed by search engines
6) Submit a site map to search engines
7) List your business information on every business and social network directories.

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Here’s what this means to you:

• You’ll have a clear marketing strategy to get more leads.
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