What is online marketing

Online marketing is the process of creating consumer interest in your specific product or service using the Internet. A profitable online marketing strategy will:

  1. First, interrupt a qualified prospect to pay attention to your marketing.
  2. Second, engage the prospect the promise that information is forthcoming that will facilitate their decision-making process.
  3. Third, educate the prospect by identifying the important and relevant issues prospects need to be aware of, then demonstrate how you stack up against those issues.
  4. Fourth, offer the prospect a low-risk way to take the next step in the buying process by putting more information in their hands and allow them to be in control of the decision.

The benefit of using the Internet to market a product or service is that you can deliver the educational content how they want it, where they want it and when they want it.

For example, imagine your prospect is subconsciously searching for an anniversary gift to buy his wife in a few weeks. He happens to be on his Facebook time line reading posts during his lunch hour and sees a post that resonates with the same problem he is having. The post is a picture of a women opening a gift from a man with a wide smile on her face. The post is titled “Thinking About Buying An Anniversary Gift For Your Wife, But Don’t Have the Foggiest Clue What To Buy… Or Even What’s Available? 5 Things You Need To Know Before Buying An Anniversary Gift For Your Wife.”

This is an interrupt with an engaging promise, because it immediately grabs his attention to a problem he wants to solve.

Once your prospect is interrupted he searches for additional, clarifying information, or a promise. In the example above the engagement is “5 Things You Need To Know Before Buying An Anniversary Gift For Your Wife.”

Now that he is engaged, your job is to become the facilitator of information. You have to give him enough information on what he needs to look for and look out for. This information has to be delivered in a way that is easy to quickly scan and digest. In other words it should be short and sweet, tell part of the story but not all of it.

The last part is to give him an offer to obtain more information that will help him in the decision making process.  For example in that same Facebook ad there is a call to action that says, “Click the Learn More button for your free report that shows the Top Ten Gifts To Get Your Wife On Each Anniversary.”

In summary, what is online marketing supposed to do? When implemented correctly it will:

  1. Capture the attention of your target marketing.
  2. Facilitate the prospects information gathering and decision-making process.
  3. Offer a low-risk next step in the decision-making process.
  4. Position you as the right choose to do business with.

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Claude W. Bailey, III is the founder and CEO of Weston Bailey, LLC, a digital marketing agency that helps entrepreneurs capture, connect, and close new customers. His goal is to consult small business owners how to succeed by understanding, navigating, and gaining a strategic advantage by automating the marketing process. Claude earned a Master’s degree from the University of Michigan and a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Cincinnati. He holds two U.S. Patents in the automotive industry. He has achieved Amazon Best Selling status for his book Dental Marketing.

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